Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lone Star Cut Gems and the Star out of Jacob


Texas House Concurrent Resolution No. 97, 65th Legislature, Regular Session (1977) named the “LONE STAR CUT” as the official gemstone cut of the State of Texas. And the official gem of the State of Texas is Texas Blue Topaz.

At our store, The Karat Patch in Big Spring, Texas we carry beautiful blue topaz, white topaz, and amethyst with the lone star cut. They capture the attention of anyone who even gets close to them. People just can’t believe what they are seeing is actually part of the faceting of the stone and not just some design that has been laser-cut into it. We get these special stones from a lapidary in Austin, Texas and we build a special 5-prong setting for them in yellow or white gold.
We started carrying the lone star cut about 15 years ago and have sold a ton of them to very proud Texans, and even to residents of other states who are formerly from our Great State. They are quite beautiful and unique with a very tiny star in the very bottom of the stone, then outlined with another star. The special 5-prong setting that we build for the stone has the prongs placed just outside the points of the star and really help to accentuate the star shape.
I can never start to put these pieces together without thinking of that time in Bethlehem, and the birth of our Savior.


When I see the star it reminds me of the Old Testament scripture in which Jesus is described as a star. Numbers 24:17 reads (Num 24:17 NIV): I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near. A star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel. He will crush the foreheads of Moab, the skulls of all the sons of Sheth.


In the New Testament Matthew 2:2 ( Mat 2:2 ) tells of the wise men seeing “his star in the east.” Luke 1: 31-33 ( Luk 1:31 ) tells the account of Jesus receiving His name and His authority over the house of Jacob. II Peter 1:19 ( 2Pe 1:19 ) tells of the morning star and Revelation 22:16 (Rev 22:16 ) Jesus proclaims that He IS “the bright Morning Star”.

I encourage you to look-up these verses and read the Words of God for yourself. That’s why I haven’t just printed them all here.

We keep the Lone Star Cut in Blue Topaz, White Topaz, and Amethyst.

Blue – the color of the waters of baptism and new life in Jesus Christ
White – the color of purity and the cleansing from sin by Jesus Christ
Purple – the color of royalty and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ



  1. Jay, great post. I will watch for more.

  2. Jay, your insights into gems will be worth reading, but your insight into Jesus will be worth emulating. Good work.